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   Law and Paralegal Students from across the country often seek interesting, challenging internships to learn the finer details of the practice of law. OILS offers students a fascinating, insightful environment in both Indian and poverty law practices. Students interested in the practice of law in these fields should consider working at one of the premier Indian law firms in Oklahoma.

And if they don’t want you, come to OILS.

No, really, that was a joke, just to show the kids how “hip” we at OILS are. OILS is an excellent place to learn. OILS’ “open court” policy encourages students to get into the field with attorneys and observe tribal courts from a legal perspective. OILS works to make sure that students don’t spend their summer sitting in a cubicle researching dull legal topics. OILS interns are in our service communities as much as possible.

Our attorneys understand that students are still learning, and work to create a nurturing environment that teaches more. The law is not just a job, it’s a profession: one that requires a commitment to service, and one that can offer a fascinating window into the inner workings of our country. OILS is proud to see our interns join the legal community with an understanding of the problems Native people face, and a willingness to work to solve those problems.

Law students interested in the possibility of an intership at OILS should email for details.

All interns are also outfitted with small imprinted thingies! Woo-hoo! Better than money any day!